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The Flex theme has been built with photographers, designers, film makers, and all kinds of artists who are in need of a comprehensive portfolio theme. Of course, this site theme will work for anyone who needs an image-centric site, and it’s built to hold any type of content, from images, to image galleries, to videos, to full-text articles.

Here’s just a few things you can do with this theme:

  • Easily control the number of projects that initially load on the homepage.
  • Load your projects through a lightbox OR a standard post template.
  • Add your own widgets into the footer and page template sidebar.
  • Quickly change the style of the theme (pick from over 12 starter styles, or create your own)
  • Organize your images into categories and create separate pages for each grouping.
  • You’ll also notice that you can have “sub-pages” that show up underneath a “parent” page. It’s easy to create these sub-pages, and the theme automatically lists them in the dropdown menu for you. It’s really that easy!

    • Full page control, including custom headlines and sub-headlines for each page.
    • Pre-styled content for all content types, including images, bold, italic, bullets, etc.
    • Sidebar are easy to customize through WordPress Widgets.
    • Contact forms, search forms, and all major WordPress content comes standard.

    The Custom Admin Panel

    I’ve taken the time to create a custom admin panel that allows you to change pretty much every major part of this theme that you can imagine. Included in the admin panel is full control over: the site logo, the homepage content, navigation & footer pages, copyright information, the homepage callout block, and so much more!

    What’s best about this admin panel is that you have full control. Want to change the logo? Easy, you don’t have to mess with any code or template files. Just insert the URL to your logo image and you’re good to go. It really couldn’t be easier.

    Whoa! Ultra Readable Text

    I’ve painstakingly gone through all text that could possibly show up in this theme to make sure it’s as legible as possible. This template has been designed to be clean, modern, and easy for any business, individual, or creative to pick up and use right out of the box without any extra styling.

    Lots of people will still have to make changes. That’s fine too – I’ve broken out the stylesheets in this theme so that any coder or designer can quickly make either small or large changes to the template without any extra hassle. You’ll need to know a little bit about coding to make any major changes, but the theme is organized and ready for you to start tinkering.

    I sincerely hope that you like the theme. I’ve worked hard to get it just right, and I’m always releasing updates for my products to make them better and better (which means I won’t be abandoning the theme any time soon in case you need support or have a question). If you have any ideas, questions or concerns, just send me an email!

    What Clients are Saying

    “I was recently told by a billionaire, ‘Building a business is amazingly simple, easy and fun, as long as you are working with the right people.’ Brandon is the right people. He brings the enthusiasm and commitment of a true entrepreneur to each project. I can hear his smile over the phone. On the last major project with SAP, when the time got short and we had to push, he stayed up later than everyone else. He has a true passion for learning, the right attitude, focus and “mad” people skills. I know some day, we may all be asking him for a job.”

    – Shane Pearlman of Shane & Peter.

    “Brandon has taught me how refreshing it can be to work with someone who is truely motivated, and highly skilled. He is one of those rare people who has a very sharp eye for design, but a strong capacity for code integration. He is invested in our best interests and knows how to work efficiently, tirelessly, and free from ego. Working with Brandon is a pleasure. I look forward to working wih him for years to come.”

    – Peter Chester of Shane & Peter.

    Thanks for reading this overview page!

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